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Wednesday, June 7, 2017

CounterCurrents: Five Farmers Demanding Fair Prices And Loan Waivers Killed In Police Firing In Madhya Pradesh

Dear Friend,

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In Solidarity

Binu Mathew

Five Farmers Demanding Fair Prices And Loan Waivers Killed In Police Firing In Madhya Pradesh
by National Alliance of People’s Movements 

Today afternoon, police forces opened fire at the protesting farmers in Mandsaur district of Madhya Pradesh. As per reports, five farmers killed and many left injured in the attack by police officials. The farmers have been on strike from June 1 to June 10 demanding loan waivers and fair prices for their produce.

The Little Acknowledged Legacy of Steve Biko
by Prithiraj Dullay 

This opinion Piece was widely circulated through the Independent Newspapers Group and was published in the Daily News (08 Sept 2008), Cape Argus (11 Sept.2008) and in other newspapers belonging to the group.

A People’s Historian: Ramzy Baroud On Journalism, History And Why ‘Palestinians Already Have A Voice’
by Romana Rubeo 

Palestinian-American historian, journalist and author, Dr. Ramzy Baroud, speaks on his upcoming book, just-released digital media project – Palestine in Motion – and why Palestinian history has to be urgently retold.

The Unwanted ‘Bride’: Can the 1967 War Offer Opportunity for Peace
by Dr Ramzy Baroud 

The 1967 war is a lesson that war is never the answer, and that a shared future is possible when we all understand that violent occupation can never bring a just peace. Only co-existence, based on equal rights for both peoples, will.

Exceptionalist Trump America Exits From Paris Agreement & Launches Neoliberal War on Terra
by Dr Gideon Polya 

An exceptionalist Trump America has withdrawn from the Paris Climate Change Agreement and thereby launched a neoliberal War on the Planet (Terra). The US has 4.4% of the world’s population but contributes more to annual global greenhouse gas (GHG) pollution than China (18.6% of world population). The Paris Agreement’s upper limit of avoiding a catastrophic 2C temperature rise is already unattainable but climate change denialist Trump’s decision will make the future even worse for future generations.

Fighting For Alternate Development Paradigm While Condemning US Withdrawal From Paris Accord.
by K N Ramachandran 

On 4th June the temperature at Delhi reached 47 degrees. Many places in central and north India are hotter. It may cross 50 degrees this year. The cumulative effects of climate change and global warming are increasingly devastating. Still, the ruling system in the country, both central and state governments are competing to go ahead with the devastating imperialist model of consumerist development

Educators Serving The Powers That Be: Results of a Recent Survey
Co-written by Richard Martin Oxman and Valleria Russelli

In the months of April and May we conducted a random survey of 100 U.S. educators nationwide* — on all levels, in public and private institutions — and discovered that less than 10% of teachers and administrators** knew much at all about the 25 major environmental issues plaguing the planet today. Those issues are delineated below with instructive comments in boldface below each description.    The links given provide somewhat misleading mainstream educational points of view, but including them is partly a function of wanting to include easily accessible insight into the basic nuts and bolts related to the issues for all readers; we can send more meaningful analyses and recommendations to experienced concerned citizens, upon request.

Kashmir: Not War Against Its Own People But Dialogue Is Need Of The Hour
Co-Written by Anandita Ghosh and Milind Champanerkar

“Not war against our own citizens, but dialogue with all stakeholders in Kashmir, including emerging youth leadership, is the only way to resolve the Kashmir issue.” – This was a common view expressed by all the speakers at a lecture programme on ‘Kashmiriyonka Najariya :Vastavaur Mithak’ (Kashmiri Peoples’ Perspective : Myth & Reality’) held on 3rd June 2017 at Shramik Patrakar Bhavan, Pune. 

‘Rude Acts Of Mere Instinct’

Coordination of Democratic Rights Organisations considers General Bipin Rawats’s remarks as mocking the “Democratic process”, which the Indian army, and as its chief, he is expected to defend and uphold.

Triple Talaq: Gender Equality, Justice And Economic Rights  As Perceived In Courts And Society
by Forum Against the Oppression of Women 

The whole issue of triple talaq is resounding with conversations on gender equality and rights of women and minorities. There is sudden “awakening” about women’s rights and gender equality. It cannot be mere coincidence that this matter was chosen to be heard by Supreme Court in vacation while delaying equally important issues of right to privacy and threatened surveillance by government through mandatory nature of Aadhar card which is likely to be fate accompli by 30th of June 2017.

Bhindranwale To Bal Thackrey: Indian State Exposes Its Hypocrisy In Dealing With Two Extremes
by Gurpreet Singh

When Thackrey died in 2012, he was not just given a 21 gun salute, but his body was also covered with the Indian national flag. Ironically, it was not the BJP, but the Congress party that was in power when all this happened. If this was not enough, a condolence motion on Thackrey’s death was also passed in the house that never apologized for the Operation Bluestar – a blunder that led to more violence in Punjab until mid 1990s and humiliated a minority community.

Black Lives Matter
by Sheshu Babu  

White racists! Supremacists!
Yes! We are dark!… Black!
Egoistic imperialists!
You are not on the right track!

The Dreamer Begins His New Journey: A Tribute To M C Raj
by Vidya Bhushan Rawat 

It is difficult to believe that M C Raj is gone. We knew that  he was suffering from Cancer, however we  felt that he would overcome. M C Raj, the dreamer, intellectual and weaver of word is no more. He passed away in Banglore this  morning leaving behind a family as well as all those who cherished his vision and dreams. 

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