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Monday, June 5, 2017

CounterCurrents: We Need Their Voices Today: Thomas Paine

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We Need Their Voices Today: Thomas Paine
by John Scales Avery 

Thomas Paine, defender of democracy, defender of human rights, defender of ordinary citizens against the tyranny of oligarchies, we need your voice today!

More Mass Destruction Weapons
by Peter Van Els 

On May 25, Donald Trump, the President of America, visited Brussels and the NATO. His visit concluded that Europe must meet its obligations and buy more mass destruction weapons for the security and democracy of the Western and free world. In a clumsy, arrogant and disrespectful way he insult America’s best and most loyal allies.

Predictable Exits: Trump And The Paris Agreement
by Dr Binoy Kampmark 

The distress caused by US President Donald Trump in over the last week continues the theme of exit: old alliances and agreements need revision; compacts need unpacking. Thursday saw Trump add another graceless if direct announcement: the United States would be leaving the Paris climate agreement.

Our Responsibility After Trump’s Climate Withdrawal
by Kevin Zeese 

The fig leaf of the inadequate Paris agreement has been removed. The world can advance in creating an agreement not held back by the United States. The movement for a new energy economy must now build enough power to put in place real solutions to the climate crisis. As with many other issues, Trump’s actions crystallize the reality we have been facing for many presidential administrations so the movement now knows what it must do.

A Coarse Trump And The Disunited States Of America
by Dr Arshad M Khan 

This Thursday, June 1, the U.S. decided to withdraw from the Paris Climate Accord. Like Brexit, the process is not like instant coffee; if anything, it is much more of a slow brew to which one could add harvesting or even growing the coffee in the first place. To prevent disruption for other members, it calls for a period of delay and negotiation taking four years. Therefore the final decision will rest on the president’s successor — unless the voters elect Mr. Trump to a second term.

The Story of The Devil Called Muslim
by Rajendra Sathe 

In the light of Naseeruddin Shah ‘s calling the Muslims, dirty, suffering from victimhood and not condemning terror enough, this article originally written in Marathi by senior journalist Rajendra Sathe ,offers a perspective from inside. It talks about the perils of a society that is extremely alienated from within. The prejudices about Muslims stem from people having zero contact with real living Muslims.The biased communal mindset of the people and the media, keep vitiating the atmosphere further. The writer’s putting the entire burden of onus on the Muslims at the end of the essay though is, debatable.

Pulp Friction
by Denis A Conroy 

Pulp Fiction, released in 1994 as an American black comedy neo-noir crime film written and directed by Quentin Tarantino, is from a story by Tarantino and Roger Avary. It was, and continues to be a cultural watershed…a great piece of cinematic art capturing the myopia within American culture. Samuel Jacksons’ treatment of Ezekiel’s passage 25:17 ”And I will execute great vengeance upon them with furious rebukes; and they shall know that I am the LORD, when I shall lay my vengeance upon them” chooses to look back in anger.

Sri Krishnaraja Wodeyar IV -The Philosopher King of Mysore
by Tata Sivaih 

While all over India citadels of royal families crumbled before the might of British onslaught, the Wodeyars of Mysore through their liberal, progressive and secular outlook and policies retained their domain till 1947. In the long history of Mysore it was under Sri Krishna raja Wodeyar IV who ruled from 1902 to 1940 that the state came to be referred as ‘Model State’ by the British and ‘Rama Rajya’ by Gandhiji.

No Court Of Law Can Stigmatise A Community
by Monica Vincent 

The Madras High Court comprising of Hon’ble Justices S Nagamuthu and N Seshasayeerecently laid down alandmark judgment wherein they strongly questioned: the prejudice that people belonging to aparticular community will traditionally indulge in commission of particular type of crimes and the same could be inherited like family trade. The Division Bench went on to observe that;“Judiciary cannot afford to decide cases by tracing the criminal activities of the forefathers of the accused. Any finding of guilt based on no evidence but on communal considerations is unconstitutional. Let this be the last judgment ever written based on communal consideration”.This recent judgment is remarkably striking as it begs the question:how in an independent and democratic state,some communities are yet identified as hereditary criminals.

Cow And Hindutva: Myths And Facts
by Shamsul Islam 

RSS trained in fascist culture practises multiple agendas with multiple tongues. Whenever one polarizing agenda loses steam or becomes controversially hot the same is abandoned and a new polarising issue is taken out from the hat. Going around polarizing with Ram temple, ghar-wapsi (conversion of Muslims and Christians to Hinduism), love-jihaad, now it is the turn of cow to divide India. The issue of cow as the only issue faced by India today is also an attempt to divert attention from poverty, unemployment, riots, violence against Dalits minorities and women. The RSS/BJP rulers believe that they can fool all the people all the times. They will prove wrong, that is sure, but by the time it happens democratic-secular India is going to have terrible time.

Who ‘Loves’ Mob Violence ? Unfolding Hindu Rashtra In Slow Motion
by Subhash Gatade 

In this gloomy situation when majoritarianism is masquerading as democracy and a defacto Hindu Rashtra seems to be coming into existence – albeit in slow motion –    question of resistane becomes important. How to envisage it in such a context and how to break new grounds in strategising it remains a key question.

The State-Name of Macedonia?
by Prof Dr Vladislav B Sotirovic 

The “Macedonian Question” is today actual for several reasons of whom two are of the fundamental importance: 1. The Albanian secession in the FYROM (Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia); and 2. The Greek dispute with the FYROM authorities over several issues

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