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Thursday, June 15, 2017

CounterCurrents: What On Earth Is A Human Being?

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What On Earth Is A Human Being?
by Satya Sagar 

It is time to step back, reflect and ask again and again the questions:  who or what exactly are human beings, how we should live in this world and where we should go?  We are today at one such moment in human history where these questions need to be asked afresh and with a completely open mind – for this time the very survival of the human species may lie in getting the answers right with great honesty.

Revisiting Capitalism
by Prithiraj Dullay 

We really have no choice. I am no alarmist. It is change or slowly die! We either see ourselves as part of that great human family with a need to work out strategies for our common survival or we will perish together. Capitalism has misled the world. Its time for it to move over and make place for new and truly globalised thinking, informed by common sense. The writing is not just on the wall. It is up there in bright neon lights.

Congressman Steve Scalise And The Politics Of Gun Violence
by Jon Kofas 

While Scalise and three others were the tragic victims of gun violence, the conservative lawmaker has been in the forefront of supporting initiatives for easing any restrictions on weapons, including laws on concealed guns, purchasing and carrying across state lines

Hodgkinson’s Disease And Our Exceptional Nation
by Richard Oxman 

There is no cure, however, for Hodgkinson’s Disease. And what plagued the bones, blood and soul of the shooter at today’s congressional baseball game is infecting one and all in this exceptional nation.

Teasing Theresa: The EU, Brexit And The British Elections
by Dr Binoy Kampmark 

It took little time for political leaders in the European Union to start dangling the carrot in front of a wounded British Prime Minister.  Theresa May’s defeated victory in the British general elections had barely sunk it, and the comments, even invitations, were being issued by various European leaders.

I Dream of Gaza
by William James Martin 

It appears to be Mr Netanyahu’s goal to destroy the Palestinian people. The Palestinian people are in the way of an expanded Jewish state, as they always have been since the advent of Zionism. He cannot do it rapidly, but he can do it year by year, month by month and day by day. Almost every day, Palestinians are killed by the Israeli army, and more Palestinian land and resources are confiscated by the state of Israel as the settlements expand into the West Bank.

Trapped And Traumatized In Gaza
by Sarah Algherbawi 

Samih is demoralized. Two years ago, he graduated with an engineering degree from the Islamic University of Gaza. Despite applying for many jobs, the only work he has found has been as a casual laborer. The pay has only been enough to provide him with some pocket money and let him buy cigarettes.

John Stuart Mill, We Need Your Voice Today!
by John Scales Avery 

John Stuart Mill, economist with a social and ecological conscience, defender of individual liberty, pioneering advocate of the rights of women, we need your voice today!

A Tribute To Garda Ghista
by Sally Dugman 

I had a friend, who died several years ago from breast cancer. Her name was Garda Ghista. She fed the hungry in India

A Suggestion For A Single Point Anti-Incumbency Manifesto For 2019 Against The BJP
by Anandi Sharan

Here is my suggestion for a Single Point Anti-Incumbency Manifesto for 2019 against the BJP for the Grand Coalition of Socialist and Communist Parties.

Blood Red Wheelbarrow
by Richard Oxman 

so much depends

a red wheel

glazed with rain

beside the white

Cool Kashmir, Boiling Sub-continent!
by Mohammad Ashraf 

Presently the Physical Climate in Kashmir and the rest of the sub-continent is quite unpredictable and could turn scary!

Freedom, Diversity And Representations In Universities
by Chetan Sinha 

The present crisis of respecting the viewpoints of diverse group in the higher education system in India questions the idea of freedom.The examples such as ‘the barricading of Jawaharlal Nehru University’s (JNU), ‘Freedom Square’ sometime back showed that freedom to protest and offer resistance to the despotic policies are not only discouraged but are embarrassing to the university administration.

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