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Route 44 Toyota Sold Me A Lemon

Sunday, June 11, 2017


Another in a long line of swamp rats.
LIED on his resume (a termination offense anywhere else): 'splained away by the WH.
FORECLOSED on many, many homeowners and Mnuchin and Co sold junk mortgages.
Yeah, they are doing exactly what #PresidentBannon wants: destroying the federal government.
He is about to become one of the most powerful men in the U.S. financial industry and you've probably never even heard his name.
Sometimes you just know when someone is up to no good. After you learn this guy's story, it will all make perfect sense.
Part of the duties for Trump’s newest appointee is to guard against 
fraud in the financial industry – however the man is now facing a 
fraud scandal of his own.…

Fat Shamer?

No mirrors in the White House?

GOLF is not exercise!

WHEN will we stop pampering this brat?

She's clearly the cause of your financial burdens.

Union Thugs's photo.
Texas has the highest death rate among expectant mothers in the entire developed world.
When it comes to family values, the conservative state of Texas 
does not reign…


Charles Rowland America ranks 37th in quality of health care by the World Health Organization; under Comrade Donny it will get worse.

This is a hoot in bad taste and excess! 


Hello Friends! As you know, it is a busy day in politics: The British 
Election (everyone who follows me on Twitter knows my views), and 
the whole Comey bit back home.…

The President Obama Coalition'sphoto.
The President Obama Coalition

This week's cover of Time magazine.

Deputy SG Michael Dreeben, who has argued more than 100 cases 
before the U.S. Supreme Court, will assist Bob Mueller on a part-time 
basis, according to those...

Where are those CAT Loving womaen to cut his Pee Pee Off?

Folks, it's time to vote the cretins out!
West Virginia Delegate Brian Kurcaba (R):

"If you think of a rape as being only about the rape victim, I could see where you'd get the idea that there is nothing good about it."
Are rape pregnancies terrible? According to human beings with 
compassion and empathy, yes. According to some Republicans? 
Maybe not so much.

 Bipartisan Report shared a link.
Last month, shortly after he went on a massive blocking spree, 
an audit of President Trump’s Twitter account revealed that almost 
50 percent of his followers are fake.…



Donovan Marley In the next several weeks, Jeff Sessions and members of the Trump Cartel will have to decide if they are willing to go to jail to protect Donald Trump. 

Trump will resign or be impeached. The bombshell was not in Comey's testimony on Thursday, but i
n a question asked on Wednesday that has yet to be answered. 

In Wednesday's Senate Intelligence Committee hearing, both Admiral Rogers and Dan Coates refused to answer the direct question: "Did Donald Trump ask you to pressure James Comey to drop the Russia investigation? The question was asked by members of the Senate Intelligence Committee. 

The extreme anxiety exhibited by Rogers and Coates during Wednesday's hearing is understandable. Either will sink the Trump Presidency by answering truthfully.
Both will eventually be compelled to answer and when they do, they will confirm James Comey's assertion that Donald Trump was trying to stop the FBI's Investigation of the Trump Cartel's collusion with Russia to steal the 2016 election. 

Rogers and Coates discussed Trump's request (order) with each other and with top members of their staffs which means there are multiple witnesses to Trump's criminal act. The preponderance of the evidence collected from Rogers, Coates, Comey and members of their staffs will prove that Donald Trump is guilty of obstruction of justice. Grand Jury subpoenas have been and will continue to be issued.
4 hrs
Sharon Kerechanin Drebenn and Weissman, the ultimate experienced criminal law expert and American DOJ prosecutor, respectively, left their jobs to ensure justice is rightfully served/shown to our country
Just get to the TRUTH, plz

Perhaps there might still be some sanity in the world… 
Senate Appropriators informed Education Secretary, Betsy DeVos this week that her education budget was dead-on-arrival. Apparently her plan to make deep cuts or complete eliminations to valuable programs was met with staunch resistance from both...

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 The Witty Liberal's photo.
The Witty Liberal

Promises, promises... ~Maya

"Had Trump really been competent enough to think that far, perhaps he would have never fired Comey in a belligerent attempt to get the Russia investigation stopped in the first place. That motivation for firing Comey right there — which Trump has admitted to — is itself obstruction of justice, outside of any comments about Flynn back in February."
In an early Sunday morning tweet, President Trump baselessly 
alleged that now-fired FBI Director James Comey did something 
wrong in leaking details of his…

Helen Olbrecht Court precedent "In PA 1994 Senate race, a judge found the "winning" Senator guilty of election tampering and his decision was to remove the party that benefited and to put the party that was harmed into office. I keep going to this as a resolution for our current state of affairs. That would essentially null and void all things DT and put Clinton/Kaine in office. Best solution, cheapest, fastest, most humane." Best resolution to the conspiracy to the overthrown 2016 election illegally; denying the nation a fair election with the Russian collusion with the corrupt Republican fraudulent activities! After ALL the corrupt Republicans our charged for treason, obstruction of justice and felony charges! The PA Precentent court judgment to Senate race of 1994 is the "only" fair resolve!

"What Rangappa is saying is that Trump is guilty of not just dereliction of duty, but of actively ignoring one of the biggest threats from foreign aggression that has ever faced our democracy. Comey’s testimony put to rest any doubts about the intelligence community’s findings that Russia “brazenly interfered” in our election, as former CIA head John Brennan described it."

This ex-counterintelligence agent pointed to the scariest part about 
what came out in…

"Donald Trump is not a leader, and he never will be. His ego is too easily bruised, and he cannot lead by example because he has led a life that 99.9 percent of Americans could not even imagine living. Tax cuts will not help grow the middle class. Getting out of the Paris Climate agreement will not help grow the middle class. Taking health care away from millions of Americans will not help one single American—unless you are rich and get a tax cut out of it.
"Donald Trump is nothing more than a self-promoter, a carnival barker. Everything he does is to puff up his ego and enrich himself. The 30 percent or so of die-hard supporters will eat up his act. No matter what he says or does, they will fall for it. They have confused bluster and bravado for leadership.
"If Trump were to work on the carnival midway, he would be running a crooked shooting game, one where the barrels are bent ever so slightly. He would separate people from their money, occasionally giving out a prize to make himself look honest. But in the end it would be all about him and how much money he made. Not how much he cheated people out of, not that he may have ruined someone’s life. Just about how much money he made, and getting people to listen to him brag about it."
What is a leader? A leader is someone who inspires, whose 
actions say more than their words. It’s a man or woman who can 
can move you to action. A leader is…

"Led by some of the most infamous racists and bigots in the country, the "March Against Sharia" is perhaps the biggest showing of Donald Trump fans in the streets since his Electoral College victory. Demonstrators are waving Trump flags alongside their alt-right "Kek flags."
"Rightly known as Islamophobia, these activities go beyond simple criticism of religious dogma or cultural differences. The systematic demonization of Islam and dehumanization of Muslims coarsen the American social fabric, warping our constitutional values rather than defending them. They also fuel acts of violence and abusive outbursts - anti-Muslim terrorism."
Anti-Muslim groups are held rallies across the country this Saturday to 
focus America’s attention on the imaginary threat of sharia law. 
Meanwhile, hate crimes against…

If the GOP House doesn't have the balls to impeach this horrorshow POTUS then the 2018 midterms will be a GOP bloodbath and then impeachment WILL proceed.
"Republicans have given every indication that it doesn’t matter what the investigations uncover. They aren’t going to impeach this president, which is why it is vital for Democrats to take back the House in 2018 because that is the only way for impeachment to become a reality."
Former US Attorney Preet Bharara told ABC's This Week that he believes 
that there is enough evidence to begin an investigation of President 
Donald Trump for obstruction…

President Trump is now doing the unthinkable - in his war on terror, 
he has resulted…

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