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Sunday, May 21, 2017

CounterCurrents: Lynchdia: The New India, America’s Retarded Awareness

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“Peak Hats.” Social Change And The Coming Demise of Private Cars
by Ugo Bardi 

For a long time, hats were oversized and expensive status symbols more than tools for protecting people’s heads. During the past half century or so, they have nearly disappeared. A similar destiny may befall on private cars, also oversized and expensive status symbols rather than tools for transporting people. With the disappearance of cars, we may see hats coming back. 

Lynchdia: The New India
by Prof Shah Alam Khan

So, we are told that India is changing. It sure is. It has a new tourist map for the likes of Pete and Laura. A map where lines are drawn with sledge hammers and daggers. A topography described with stones and boulders, solid boulders which not only kill but also crush a face beyond recognition. A map with red water bodies and grey skies. A bloody map of Lynchdia with a bloodless heart and a soulless body

America’s Retarded Awareness
by Denis A Conroy

On becoming a country without a past, its memory span disappeared more and more as the locomotion of its enterprise took America ever deeper into an illusion that the country had to keep its foot on the accelerator 24/7 to achieve greatness for all. In the absence of grass-root ethics that might have revealed the connection between object and subject, respecting and being respected, ‘greatness’ became a synonym of pedigree and power… ‘us-and-them’a code for superior and inferior, exceptional and unexceptional. The America of superman fame adopted the eagle as super-bird, not as a Phoenix rising in a new world, but as a symbol of a bird of prey with a mission to destroy…the corporeal devouring the spiritual! …History does repeat itself!

Growing Up With A Monster In Your Life!
by Sally Dugman  

As children, my sister and I used to feel sorry for ourselves from time to time while having a brother, who’s a pathological narcissist. He was by no means easy with whom to interact day after day and year after year while growing up.

Thinking About The Brain Thinking About Changing The World
by Dr Nayvin Gordon 

We can prevent the stimulation of status based brain systems by abolishing social ladders and maintain strict egalitarianism in our organizations and decision making processes. We can reprogram brain centers by cultivating cultural and personal values of empathy within an egalitarian economic, political and social system.

The Navajo Way!
by Sally Dugman 

It is sickening, tiring and frustrating to year after year deal with racism and bigotry. What does it matter whether directed against darker skinned peoples, people from other cultures, people designated as less than equal due to a caste system or the fact that some group wants the resources or land that the other group has and, so, denigrates them to get it? It’s all the same assault upon another tribe of people and this behavior must stop!

Cleaning Up The Air We Breathe
by Shobha Shukla

Too much stuff collects dust, which is a known trigger for asthma. So I either throw away or donate unused stuff regularly. Having lots of free space is good for the mind, as controlling stress is another key part of keeping asthma away. 

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