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Saturday, May 20, 2017

RSN: Bernie Sanders | We Must Stop the Attempt to Auction Off the Internet to the Highest Corporate Bidder

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Bernie Sanders | We Must Stop the Attempt to Auction Off the Internet to the Highest Corporate Bidder 
Senator Bernie Sanders. (photo: Getty) 
Bernie Sanders, Bernie Sanders' Facebook Page 
Sanders writes: "Today, the FCC voted to start undoing the progress we've made toward making the Internet a space for the open exchange of ideas and information, free of discrimination and corporate control." 
Foreign Embassies See Ivanka as Avenue of Entry Into Her Father's White House 
Abby Phillip, The Washington Post 
Phillip writes: "The Czech Republic is just one of several countries that see the first daughter as an avenue of entry into her father's White House, citing the image she has cultivated as culturally curious and active on policy as reason to believe she will be receptive to their outreach." 
Feds Are Using Stingray Cell-Trackers to Find Undocumented Immigrants 
Russell Brandom, The Verge 
Brandom writes: "The once-secret surveillance tool is being used in Trump's deportation push." 
Robert Fisk | The Real Aim of Trump's Trip to Saudi Arabia 
Robert Fisk, The Independent 
Fisk writes: "Donald Trump sets off on Friday to create the fantasy of an Arab Nato. There will be dictators aplenty to greet him in Riyadh, corrupt autocrats and thugs and torturers and head choppers." 
Steve Mnuchin Tells Senate the Trump Admin Will Protect Big Banks, and Elizabeth Warren Lays Into Him 
Bess Levin, Vanity Fair 
Levin writes: "Senator Elizabeth Warren is a very smart woman who, like Wall Street, is presumably wise to the fact that one cannot take Trump and Co. literally or seriously." 
US Imposes New Unilateral Sanctions on Venezuela, Tightening Economic Noose 
Excerpt: "The U.S. Treasury Department's Office of Foreign Assets Control imposed sanctions on eight current or former members of the Venezuela's Supreme Court Thursday, in its ongoing attacks on the Bolivarian nation." 
Trump's Koch-Funded Appointees Continue Ruthless Attack on Clean Energy Growth 
Elliott Negin, Union of Concerned Scientists 
Negin writes: "When The Washington Post reported earlier this month that President Trump appointed Daniel Simmons to run the Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy at the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE), the paper called him a 'conservative scholar.' Conservative scholar? 'Fossil fuel industry propagandist' would have been more accurate." 

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