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Monday, May 15, 2017

RSN: James Clapper: Democratic Institutions Are 'Under Assault' by Trump

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James Clapper: Democratic Institutions Are 'Under Assault' by Trump 
James Clapper testifies on Capitol Hill, during the Senate judiciary subcommittee hearing on Russian interference in the 2016 election. (photo: Pablo Martinez Monsivais/AP) 
Oliver Laughland, Guardian UK 
Laughland writes: "Former director of national intelligence James Clapper has accused Donald Trump of placing American democratic institutions 'under assault' following the sacking of James Comey and cautioned that the former FBI director's removal is 'another victory' for Russia." 
White Nationalists, Rally, Chant, "Russia Is Our Friend" 
Laura Vozzella, The Washington Post 
Vozzella writes: "Self-proclaimed white nationalist Richard Spencer led a large group of demonstrators carrying torches and chanting 'You will not replace us' Saturday in Charlottesville, protesting plans to remove a Confederate monument that has played an outsize role in this year's race for Virginia governor." 
How Trump Gets His Fake News 
Shane Goldmacher, Politico 
Goldmacher writes: "The president rarely surfs the web on his own, but his staff have made a habit of slipping news stories on to his desk-including the occasional internet hoax." 
Rev. William J. Barber, II | America Needs a New Poor People's Campaign 
Rev. William J. Barber II, ThinkProgress 
Barber writes: "This moment requires us to push into the national consciousness a deep moral analysis that is rooted in an agenda to combat systemic poverty and racism, war mongering, economic injustice, voter suppression, and other attacks on the most vulnerable. We need a long term, sustained movement led by the people who are directly impacted by extremism." 
Misery Industry: How Global Insurers Hijacked US 'Criminal Justice' Through Bail Bonds 
Excerpt: "A report reveals how global insurance companies have dominated the bail bonds industry, profiting from the mass incarceration of pretrial detainees." 
Journalists Attacked, Robbed by 100 Armed Men in Mexico's Guerrero State 
Associated Press 
Excerpt: "About 100 armed men attacked a group of journalists and robbed them of their equipment in Mexico's troubled southern state of Guerrero, authorities and media reports said Sunday." 
How Trump Could Spend $1 Trillion to Fix America if He Knew What He Was Doing 
Nathanael Johnson and Matt Craft, Grist 
Excerpt: "Instead of asking what will happen under Trump's infrastructure proposal (sigh), we asked the wide range of experts we talked to what should happen. What would they do with $1 trillion to spend on the country's corroded pipes, crumbling bridges, and iffy transit systems? Here are their wishlists." 

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